Red Lemmel
PRCA Board of Directors
(605) 490-2215

Fred Boettcher
PRCA Board of Directors
PRCA Bull Riding Representative
(719) 237-9101

J.P Wickett
PRCA Contestant Representative
(918) 208-3211

Alex Lowe
Committee Member
Amercian Royal Gold Tour Rodeo
Kansas City, M.O.

Spud Duvall
PRCA Steer Wrestling Representative
(918) 640-0533

Dr. Lester Spell
MS State Commissioner of Agriculture
Mississippi Coliseum
Dixie National, Jackson, M.S.
(601) 961-4000

Dave Halverson
Committee Chairman
Ogden Pioneer Days

Clint Johnson
Committee Chairman
4 Time World Champion
Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer
Amarillo National Center
Tri States Fair Rodeo
Amarillo, T.X.
(806) 499-3131