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About the Company
Stace Smith produces more PRCA rodeos than any other stock contractor in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and has won PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year eight consecutive years (2004- 2011) a feat that has been achieved only one other time since the awards' inception.

In 2005, Small Rodeo of the Year was awarded to the MDA Benefit Rodeo in Athens, Texas, which was created by and has been produced by Stace Smith since 1995. Since 2004, Smith Pro Rodeos has had multiple rodeos in the top five in each of the four categories.

Stace has worked at every level of rodeo, beginning as a contestant, then spending time as chute boss, and pickup man. Mr. Smith was chosen as pickup man for the Texas Circuit finals in both 2005 and 2007, and continues to pick-up at a number of our events. In 2009, Smith became a shareholder in Mesquite Championship Rodeo and in 2012, was named stock contractor of Cheyenne Frontier Days.

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Stace Smith,
Owner - Smith Pro Rodeos, has participated in rodeo at every level - from contestant and chute boss to pickup man and stock contractor.

Smith Pro Rodeos is the committee or partners with the committee at thirty-four of the forty-nine rodeos we produced last year. Because of this, we have an inside edge on what it takes to help our committees achieve one of the ultimate goals of spectator sports, which is putting spectators in the seats.


Smith Pro Rodeos owns 321 head of horses in its bucking horse program. Of these, approximately 140 head are of age and condition to be hauled to rodeos and bucking events.

Smith Pro Rodeos has an excellent breeding program, so there are several head of older NFR mares we do not haul and a number of colts that we do not haul or lease out yet. We own approximately 60 head of bulls that we currently take to PRCA and PBR events. For the last three years, Smith Pro Rodeos has ranked among the Top 3 stock contractors in providing the most animals to the WNFR (2009-25, 2010-25, 2011-16). Additionally, Smith Pro Rodeos was awarded the 2005 PRCA Bareback Horse of the year and the 3rd place 2005 PRCA Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year.



Stace Smith has been awarded the Remuda Award at the national finals in both 2004 and 2005. This award is voted on by the top 15 bareback and saddle bronc riders and reflects the stock contractor they feel brings the best stock to the rodeo events throughout the year.

But more importantly, Smith Pro Rodeos has firm agreements in place with stock subcontractors to provide top stock at all of the larger rodeos on the schedule. These agreements allow for pens of horses and bulls to be even for contestants, making each performance as exiting as the next and limiting the number of turn-outs.

Smith Pro Rodeos owns the following and some or all could be utilized to enhance the spectators’, contestants’ and committees’ rodeo experience:

Stace Smith on the left, with Kelly Wardell and Tom Reeves, was awarded the Remuda Award in 2004 and 2005.

10 paint saddle horses
10 gray saddle horses
20 head of additional riding horses for openings
Portable arena
Additional pens and/or panels
Top quality computerized sound equipment
(with operator)
Dual Lasertainment laser show
Smoke Machines
Light show
Electronic Ignition for Pyro Show
Licensed Pyro Technician
Smith Pro Rodeos has developed a fast paced high-energy rodeo theology that is producing sold out performances across the southeast United States. Many patrons attend multiple performances and word of mouth has been our best form of advertising.

The laser and pyrotechnic
performance opening.

Most indoor shows are kicked off with an NFR quality laser and pyrotechnic show followed by a captivating cowboy opening. A seamless production follows complete with high quality sound and sound effects. Professional lighting highlights the action at hand.

Each performance is carefully planned in advance, from building equal, exciting pens of livestock, to planning the order they will be presented according to the stock and rider’s attributes. All timed event livestock come directly from the Smith ranch, so there are no mismatched pens or delivery issues. Because of these efforts, turnouts are at a minimum, so each rodeo is a balanced representation of the sport.

In recent years, our ticket sales have increased exponentially at each venue. We have worked with sponsoring partners to create a variety of pre-rodeo and at-rodeo contests to enhance crowd participation. These include truck giveaways, vacation giveaways and free promotional items thrown to the crowd. Sponsored ticket discounts have also increased interest in the non-traditional rodeo crowd.

Smith Pro Rodeos has singularly produced the concert series of Athens, TX, Bossier City, LA and Rapid City, SD. At the Dixie National in Jackson, MS, we share the entertainment (concert) hiring responsibilities with the committee and insure popular and rodeo-friendly performers create additional sold out crowds. Smith Rodeos have a signature flair that brings spectators back performance after performance.


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